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Classes & Workshops

         I offer workshops to businesses, spiritual and religious organizations and public venues.  The workshops run from 90 minutes to 4 hours depending on class size and intention.  I create workshops that bring together the wisdom of nature with the spiritual nature of humans.  I include elements of yoga, guided meditations, writing and time to reflect with the larger group.  Each workshop is crafted with the intention of the long-term goal in mind for the organization or group and what goals are wanting to be reached.

         As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I find the importance of bringing movement into each workshop in which participants will be grounded and centered.  As a Certified Spiritual Director, I incorporate guided meditations to allow each person to go within and explore their own personal wisdom.


        Please scroll through my 2018 workshop pages for examples of workshops I have created.  I am available to travel as well.

Spring & Summer 2019

Fall & Winter 2018

Spring & Summer 2018

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