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Spiritual Direction

        The practice of Spiritual Direction is the act of accompanying people on their journey through the challenges of life.  The Spiritual Director uses the skill of active listening with her directees as they share concerns they are having currently whether about work, home, spirituality, goals and any other topics the directee chooses.  The Spiritual Director then may ask questions to deepen the directees focus and self-understanding about his/her journey and process.

        Spiritual Direction can be found in all spiritual and faith traditions from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sufi tradition, Pagan practices, Islamic traditions, as well as Interfaith forms of practice.  The directee may decide to choose a Spiritual Director within his/her own faith tradition, but this is not always necessary.

        The act of Spiritual Direction is that of invoking the "third chair" which is the act of calling God into the listening to be present as the directee shares his/her life and struggles.

         I have been practicing as a Spiritual Director since 2011 and my own background is that of being an Interfaith Spiritual individual calling on the teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, Hindusim, Vedic wisdom and grounded in Pagan spirituality of honoring Mother Earth and the teachings of plants and animals and the role of being eco-conscious with our fellow relatives in nature.

         If you feel called to do Spiritual Direction and would like to see if working with me would be a fit for you, I am happy to do an initial meeting at no charge to see if working together will meet your needs.

        If you decide that working together is the right path for you then normal sessions usually run 50-60 minutes.

       Please be advised that Spiritual Direction does not replace the work you would do with a trained Psychologist or Licensed Professional Counselor.

Session Cost: $85

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