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Spring & Summer 2018 Workshops

         I will be presenting a workshop at the 2018 Spiritual Director's International conference in St. Louis, MO in April 2018.  The conference is open to the public and all are welcome to participate.  The dates of the conference are April 27 - 29, 2018. 

The title of my workshop is

"Branching Out:  Using the Wisdom of Trees to Connect Us with

Our Spiritually Diverse Communities"

 Workshop Description:

      "Trees act in ways that connect themselves to the earth as well as reaching out to provide support back to the earth.  When trees grow together in a community, even if they are not from the same family, they will find ways to shade, protect and support their fellow trees.  We will use this metaphor to explore our own spiritual lives, as well as the spiritual lives of those around us from diverse spiritual communities."

   To Register for the conference and workshop, click on the following link to:

SDI - Spiritual Director's International

  SDI Conference & Workshops

Workshop Flyer
Reference List

PDF Handouts for Branching Out Workshop

Journal Page
Yoga Poses Handout 1
Yoga Poses Handout 2

Branching Out: Rooted and Reaching

Chautauqua Institute of New York

Guided Meditation
Tree Wisdom List


June 25 - June 27, 2018:  I will be co-teaching a workshop with my colleague, Nancy Wilkinson, who is an art instructor.  We will be using yoga, meditation and journaling to explore how we are connected to our natural world through our experiences with trees.  With this exploration, we will then bring it to life through the use of art and painting.  No previous experience is necessary to participate.

Come explore with us...

Workshop Photos

Trees Rooted and Reaching Workshop photo
Tree of Life St Francis Workshop photo with Shannon Sullivan
Shannon Sullivan teaching at St Francis in the Foothills photo
Trees Workshop with Shannon Sullivan image
Chautauqua Institute Rooted and Reaching Workshop

 "Shannon and Nancy are a combination of all things peaceful, creative and calm. I loved every minute in the class. A perfect blend of creativity, art, meditation, yoga and sharing."  Roxanne, NY

 "What I enjoyed about this workshop was the spiritual impetus and creative energy. I expected an art class and was given the gift of writing inspiration." D.Johnson, NY

Mt Lemmon Arizona Photo by Shannon Sullivan
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