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Stories & Poems

"The Parable of Paul"

"The Parable of Paul" is a story I wrote ten years ago. I share it with you now as a narrated version for the purpose of  guiding you on your journey, your path. This story speaks of those places inside where we sometimes feel lost. May Paul's story help you remember that you are always on your path.

by Shannon Sullivan

The Parable of PaulShannon Sullivan

"Courage & Grace"

      This is a prayerful poem that is meant to inspire you.  What happens when in life sometimes all you can do is survive day-to-day? Is that not sometimes part of our paths as well?  This poem is a journey of survival that leads to success and joy in life.  May it also inspire you!

Courage & Grace - Shannon Sullivan
Collage of my family by Shannon Sullivan

Written by Shannon Sullivan

Music by Chris Collins

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